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Nakodar (PunjabiਨਕੋਦਰHindiनकोदर, pronounced Nuh-Koh-Durh) is a city and a Municipal Council in District Jalandhar in the Indian State of Punjab. The city is almost 365 km from Delhi, 25 km from Jalandhar, 49 km from Ludhiana, and about 101 km from Amritsar. Surrounding villages include Chak Muglani, Maheru, Allowal, Mehatpur (Hari pur) (Bhullar) Nawan Pind Jattan, Heran, Bir Pind, Shankar, Nurpur Chatha, Sarih, Malri and Khanpur Dhadda. Nakodar is some time named as (Neki Da Dar) and hence named Nakodar

The town is well pave and has thriving appearances and currently forms a Tehsil of District Jalandhar. Outside the town, there are two large and handsome tombs dating at least from the times of Emperor Jahangir, later one of them is said to be the burial place of the adviser of Emperor Shah Jahan, but it is not known who stand buried in the earlier tomb. Moreover Nakodar is situated on original Shershah Suri Marg. With the passage of time Sher Shah Suri Marg diverted from Phillaur to Phagwara, Jalandhar, Amritsar. Oringinal Sher Shah Suri Marg is actually Phillaur to Nurmahal, Nakodar, Kaputhala, Tarn Taran and the Amritsar.

Popular Religious Places

  • Baba Mal Ji Malri Sahib Gurudwara
  • Dera Baba Murad Shah Ji
  • Dera Baba Lal Badshah ji
  • Nanaksar Sahib Gurudwara
Guru Nanak National College, Nakodar which was started in 1970 and become eminent educational institution in the Nakodar District Jalandhar. It is said that India lives in villages. But in our country many facilities for higher education are not available to our rural area. Therefore, with a view of providing such facilities to the people of the rural area, the founders of Guru Nanak National College undertook the bold and hazardous task to establish an educational institution in the rural area of Nakodar.
The college is situated at a distance of 3 furlongs from the main Bus Stop near the Bye Pass in the vast campus comprising 26 acres.
The college has been named after the Great Guru who always stood for Universal brotherhood mutual tolerance and higher values of life. Guru ji started a crusade against the forces of hatred and violence and those tendencies of religion that separated on community from other.
To inculcate a spirit of tolerance and brotherhood is the first task that the college authorities have pledged themselves. The foundation stone of the college was laid by an eminent jurist and Ex-Chief Minister of Punjab S. Gurnam Singh on 15th December 1969. The college management consist of intellectual luminary of the area. This infant institution feel doubly blessed by able and constant patronage of S. Darbara Singh, Speaker, Punjab Vidhan Sabha (Expired in May 1998), to whom whole area owes its gratefulness and eternal allegiance. And in turn the college owes its gratefulness to Bhalla Parivar (Life time donor) and its numerous friends and well wishers who left no stone unturned in feeding the college financially as well as intellectually.
The college stands on its own extensive campus comprising 26 acres. The college building when completed became one of the finest buildings in the State. Now college have Arts Block, Science Block, Commerce Block, Computer Block, Sports Block, Music Block and providing best education to the students of the rural area. Since its inception and during a somewhat brief life span, the college has made its mark in the sports and academic circles of Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar. Each year our scholars have won merits and our Athletes and Sportsman have turned in heart warming performance. that is because this institution attach as much value to sports and games as to the development of academic aspect. Teaching and Sports go hand in hand. Neither should be neglected at the cost of other. Consequently, this college can boast of sportsman and athletes of State and National repute.  The college is promoting education in the fields of Sports, Computer, Music, Commerce, Science. The college is proud of its achievements and looks forward to bettering these fields. Our students have shown a remarkable sense of responsibility, discipline and obedience over last 46 years. As a result of their social and political awareness and because of guidance provided to them, many of them now occupy enviable positions in society.
The Principal and Members of the teaching staff are highly qualified, experienced and dedicated. Needless to say that they are tireless workers and will continue to do their best towards as all-round development of the personality of their students for our Nation.

Office Bearer of College Managing Committee

S. Kuldeep Singh Wadala (Patron) Smt. Prabjot Kaur (Patron)  S. Harjinder Singh Sohi (President)
S. Gurpreet Singh Sandhu (Secretary) Chowdhary Simratpal Singh (Treasurer)
S. Gurcharan Singh Sandhu S.Palwinder Singh Sohi S. Sukhvir Singh Sandhu S. Manjit Singh Sandhu
S. Ram Singh Dhesi S. Sukhdeep Singh Sohi S. Balraj Singh Sianiwal S. Darshan Singh (Sarpanch)
S. Tarlochan Singh Dhiman S. Narinderjit Singh Virk S. Naib Singh Kohar S. Satpal Singh (Sarpanch)
 S. Jagir Singh

From the Desk of Management

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Message from S. Kuldeep Singh Wadala (Patron) Message from Smt. Prabjot Kaur (Patron)

Message from S. Harinder Singh Sohi (President) Message from (Secretary) Message from (Vice President)
Message from Chowdhary Simratpal Singh (Cashier) Message from Dr. Jaspal Singh (Principal)