Physical Education & Sports

Department of Physical Education

  The main objective of Physical Education & Sports department is to inculcate sense of discipline, co-operation, integrity, social harmony, fitness and sportsmanship spirit among students. In addition to the academic, the college has also created necessary facilities for recreation and all round development of students.
Elaborate facilities exist in the college campus for various physical activities, sports and games.
  • Athletic Track
  • Cemented Basketball Court
  • Volleyball Court
  • Football Court
  • Kabaddi C/S Court
  • Kabaddi N/S Court
  • Handball Court
  • Hockey Court
  • Cricket Ground
  • Indoor Badminton Court
  • Indoor Gymnasium
  • Weight Training Equipment
  • Tread Mill
  • Exercise Cycle
  • Chess Board
  • Thermal Acupressure Devices
  • Coaching camps are orgnised before university competitions to help students excel in their respective sports
  • Refreshment and sports kits are provided to the outstanding players
  • The outstanding players are awarded Roll of Honours, Prizes and other concession
The department organizes intra-mural competitions in various disciplines. The annual sports function is held every year to test the physical fitness and athletic skills of the students.
The college has earned distinction in the field of sports by winning university Kabaddi P/S tournament for eleven times (five times consecutively : once, Three times consecutively : Twice). Our college has also won winner positions in Basketball, Cross-country, Wrestling (Greeco-Roman) & Tug of War and runner-up & third positions in Volleyball, Handball, Shooting, Basketball, Kabaddi N/S, Cross-country, Korfball, Kabaddi P/S, Tug of War, Wrestling (G/R), Wrestling (Free Style), Athletics, Boxing, Power lifting, Weight Lifting, Judo, Badminton, and Best Physique. Over the year, our students have won medals in the international, national and inter university competition. Our players have honour of becoming the best shooter, (Shooting), fastest runner (Athletics), best attacker (Volleyball), best raider and stoppers (Kabaddi) of the university. Our college players have captained university Kabaddi N/S, Basketball, Volleyball, Cross-country, Kabaddi P/S and wrestling teams in the inter university tournaments. Our old students Kuljit Singh Malsian, Mangat Ram and Sandeep Singh of Nangal Ambian have brought laurel to the country by winning awards of best raiders and best stoppers respectively in the World Kabaddi Tournments.
Department providing Physical Education  as an Elective Subject up to Graduation Level
Dr. Inderjit Singh M.P.Edu, Ph.D. (Head) Incharge Youth Club
Dr. Charanjit Kaur M.P.Edu(Gold Medalist), M.Phil. Ph.D., NET Incharge Spiritual Activities